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Natural, vegan and eco friendly: all Bali Body products are made with natural and nourishing ingredients. They have such a lovely perfumes and every time I use them I close my eyes and I feel I could be on an amazing Bali shore under the summer sun.

I had the chance to try some of this products. My favorite is absolutely the Shimmering Body Oil: a glittered brown oil that will make your tanned skin shine and bright.  Hydrating with a hint of bronze, it will provide a sun-kissed glow with subtle hints of bronze and gold shimmer for a natural looking bronzed sheen. It is not a tanning oil, but is used for an after dark glow to highlight and illuminate your tan. I absolutely love this product because is very unique: it’s light, it doesn’t make you skin sticky but instead it hydrates it making it very smooth and soft. Added value? The texture and the color: it’s so bright it really seems to spread a bunch of stars on your body!

Another product that I loved is the Coconut Lip Balm. If you’re a coconut lover you will adore this one. It’s so delicious I want to eat it every time I wear it. With SPF15 to hydrate and plump the lips providing long lasting protection, this natural lip balm is packed with nourishing oils to smooth & repair dry & cracked lips day or night. Its very long lasting and the combo hydration + highlight make it wearable all day long: from morning to night. I have pretty big lips and for this reason I love to put it also before to go to sleep, in order to nourish them and wake up with perfect repaired lips.

I need to show you also their BB cream, I use it everyday to protect, correct and perfect the skin. It’s a multitasking beauty cream that combines hydrating skincare benefits. It will enlighten your skin and will give it a very natural coverage. It’s very soft at touch and very light on skin. A little quantity on your fingers is enough for your all face: after I put it on I feel like I’ve nothing on my face. That’s the feeling I like: very natural, light, like I’m wearing no makeup. 

The last product that you cannot miss at all is the Pineapple Tanning Oil: you can get it in more flavors: Pineapple, Watermelon or Cocoa and Natural. They are fruity & summer inspired: the Pineapple Tanning oil will give you a deep tan while hydrating and nourishing your skin. This tanning oil is a world first, I use it every time I put myself under the sun because I’m pretty obsessed with the perfect tan. The thing I like the most, beside its perfume, is the texture: very light and thin, and once again, it doesn’t make my skin sticky – things that I hate, especially when I’m at the beach and the sand sticks on my body. It’s very fresh and every time that I wear it my boyfriend starts to bite me: he says it smells so good! You can make your own choice between the four Tanning Oils – Natural Tanning and Body Oil, Pineapple Tanning Oil, Watermelon Tanning Oil and Cacao Tanning Oil.6X9A6866

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