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The first day in Geneva and Lausanne with Glion was really amazing, interesting and funny. But the second day had been even better. We woke up in the lovely Lausanne Palace Spa hotel, we had a delicious breakfast and we left to Montreux. As soon as we arrive we went to the Fairmont Montreux Palace hotel, a place full of history, memories and richness. Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva and overlooking the Alps, it was built in 1906 and it’s a real Belle-Époque gem. While walking on the spacious and long corridors, you can imagine and almost feel the souls of the ladies from the previews century walking in there thoughtless, with their big and colorful gowns. Even if the hotel has been renewed there are few rooms that haven’t been touched since 1906, like the ball room, a very touching and inspiring place. The most modern part of the hotel includes some bars and restaurants like the MP’S Bar & Grill, Montreux Jazz Café and the Funky Claude’s Bar.

After visiting this amazing hotel, we went to the Glion campus in order to explore it and to learn how students are prepared to the luxury world. After lunch, we met some very nice people of Glion’s staff, that made us experience some of the basic and first things that they teach there: how to carry dishes like a professional waitress, how to make cocktails and how to cook. We literally learn how to make Cosmopolitan and we made a cooking challenge: prepare a dish in 40 minutes. One of the most funny experience of my life!

Later we visited one of the most magical places I’ve ever been: the founder of Montreux Jazz festival Claude Nob’s house, a lovely chalet on top of the hills. Claude Nobs passed away in 2013 and today his house is a private museum, full of precious objects that he received as gifts from some of the myths of music, like David Bowies shoes, Freddy Mercury’s piano, Santana’s red guitar and all the original records of the festival, now belonging to the UNESCO heritage. Such an inspiring place, mind-blowing, it really amazed me. Finally, we had dinner back at the hotel, at Funky Claude’s Bar, listening to some joyful live music.

Day 3 started with a workshop with Glion students and in the evening, back in Milan, my last dinner with the group at 10 Corso Como. Thanks again to my travel mates and all the Glion staff who made this amazing experience possible.

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