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Day 1

It was October 18th and me and my friend Diana took the train from Milan to Geneva, impatience to meet the rest of the group and to experience such an interesting trip. As we arrive we went to Caviar House & Prunier  where we had  caviar tasting. So. Good. I could eat just caviar for the rest of my life! We tried different type of them, from the plain one, to the salty one, all accompanied with vodka shots. I didn’t know, but that’s the best way to taste caviar: putting it right on the back of the hand and eat it with pepper right after a vodka shot.

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After the caviar we went to visit the amazing Patek Philippe salon (for those who doesn’t know, Patek Philippe is a very prestigious brand of  luxury watches), where the staff illustrated us some of the most rare and iconic pieces of the collection. We also visited its museum, full of historical and precious pieces.

In the evening we reached our fist hotel, the Lausanne Palace Spa. Opened since 1915, this iconic hotel slowly became the pride of the Swiss city of Lausanne, with the aim to make guests feel like at a luxury home away from home. And that’s actually as I felt. As we got there, we were welcomed by a cozy but elegant atmosphere and by a lovely tour of the building that ended in the wine cellar, with an interesting wine tasting just before an unusual diner right in the kitchen.img_7924img_7934-1

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The day after we moved to Montreux, at the Montreux Palace hotel, we visited the Glion Campus, we learned how to make cocktails, we had a masterclass cooking challenge and cooked a dish in 40 minutes and we visited the mind blowing house of the foundation of Montreux Jazz Festival Claude Nobs. But that’s another story I will tell you in the next post.

Enjoy the weekend dear friends!

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