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It’s been a while I don’t update my blog, I know, and I’m so sorry for that, but you know, there were so many events (BA honor degree, summer, holidays) that kept me away from it. But I’m here! I’m ready to come back and let you know even more things according to Maryland.

I want to to start where I stopped: at the beginning of the summer. Just few words: wine tasting in an amazing Sushi restaurant, what could I ask for more?

I was invited at Sushi B, Brera, where Le Marchesine organized a wine tasting. Le Marchesine is a small but innovative company of Franciacorta, it’s one of the most prestigious reality of Lombardia. Born in 1985, today the 47  hectares vineyard is leaded by Loris Biatta and his sons Alice and Andrea. Nowadays they produce about 450 thousand bottles per year, of which 230 thousand of Franciacorta Brut and Extra Brut, 40 thousand of Rosé millesimato, 40 thousand of Franciacorta Satèn, 15 thousand bottles of Curtefranca White and 15,000 Red Curtefranca. Since autumn 2012, two new wines have been added to the production: Franciacorta Brut Nature Giovanni  Biatta Secolo Novo, of which 5,700 bottles were produced, and the Franciacorta Brut Blanc de Noir with 6,700 bottles.

That night I had the chance to taste three masterpiece of the company: The Rosè Millesimato, born by the grapes clonal selection of Chardonnay and Pinot nero, the Blanc de Noir, with his complex parfumes of biscuit, mandarins jam, butter and resin, and the company’s spearhead: Secolo Novo Brut,  the result of patience and dedication, born from a controlled fermentation at 17/18 ° with indigenous yeasts that mark the character, vinified only in great vintages, such as 2002 and 2005. the grapes used in the production come from the most valuable area of Franciacorta, the hill of La Santissima.  Characterized by pleasant flavor and freshness.

Together with this three jewels, the chef Nobuya Niimori, delight us with some of his amazing creations: starting from chimichurri, sweet and violet potato chips and some breadsticks made with different ingredients and flavour such as sepia, aonori, hichimi, red shiso, turmeric, beet and green tea with black sesame, to some delicious degustation:

Fillo pastry cigar with shiso perfumed sardines

Home made smoked salmon with Marchesine rosè caviar

Tuna “gunkan” roulade seared with brunoise of vegetables and avocado mayonnaise

Peas’ cream with black rice, blanched shrimps and dashi

Octopus and potatoes roasted at Teppanyaki with mentaiko and jalapeño mayonnaise

Crispy mix vegetables with miso cream

Tukune: japanese chiken meatball with teriyaki sauce and egg yolk 

Wanatang dough cylinder with crab and calvisius caviar salad

Sushi B Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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